How to return a clean rental car

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It is true that when you rent a car in dubai, it gets dirty when you use it. Doubtless, it will remain the same when you first rent it. With this background, we provide you with valuable advice on how to return it to your car rental agency cleanly. You may ask why this is necessary. Many […]

Top 5 Precautions You Need to Take for a Stress-free Car Rental Experience

While deciding to rent a car in Dubai from the airport terminal itself is the best option, it is always advisable to keep certain precautions in mind so that you avoid any possible unpleasantness along the way. The tips provided in this article will help you immensely towards that end objective. Be Aware of Car Rental and […]

Valuable Tips for Parking Your Rental Car in Dubai

Like any other global city, there are a lot of rules about when and where to park your rental car in Burjuman and elsewhere in the UAE. Before embarking on a dream trip in your rental car, it is good to be aware of these rules. In general, you need to know that there are 3 designated […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Car in Dubai During Your Summer Holidays

The summer holidays see locals as well as folks from across the world eagerly making their way to Dubai to make the most of their vacations. In this article, we list out the reasons for which it makes perfect sense to rent a car while enjoying Dubai on your summer vacations. No Need to Bring a Car […]

Five Things You Should Never Do While Driving a Manual Car

Many people opt to drive automatic cars instead of manual ones, as the prices for automatic cars are becoming more affordable. But every manual car owner will admit that their car provides a better driving ‘experience’ compared to that of an automatic car. Dubai and the UAE offer several spectacular places to drive to, which […]

Tips to Drive with A Pet in your rental car

If you are not willing to leave your pet behind and want them to travel along with you, you need to make a conscious effort to keep them safe in the car. Not only will it keep them remain happy, it will also ensure the safety of you and other passengers and not to forget […]

Our Top 10 Safety Tips For Driving In The Summer

Ten Summer Driving Safety Tips - Cheap Rent a Car in Dubai - Ten Summer Driving Safety Tips - Cheap Rent a Car in Dubai

Have you booked to rent a car in dubai with Kohistan Car Rental and are getting ready for a road trip? Or have you just relocated to the UAE and are facing your first summer of city commuting in Dubai? In this part of the world, the temperatures in the summer months can be extreme. To […]

Protect Your Rental Car from Thieves

While traveling abroad may come with a lot of worries, protecting your rental car from thieves shouldn’t be one of them. When on holidays, you tend to let your guard down as you are too busy enjoying your holidays. Under such circumstances, the chances are that you could become a victim of thieves. Here we discuss several […]

Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Rental Car

Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Rental Car

While everyone dreams of owning a car, no one wants to bear the cost of expenses such as maintenance, insurance, etc. That’s why most people turn towards budget rent a car in Dubai. Another problem that most car owners and renters seem to struggle with is the fluctuating petrol prices. In this article, we give […]

Tips on how to become a greener driver

As the cold weather approaches, it’s no surprise that the roads are getting faster. Usually, the holiday season will see our highways become a hub of traffic as the holidays begin to arrive soon. Unfortunately, this also means an increase in noise, congestion, and pollution, which is bad news for our long-standing environment. In a country […]