5 Golden Tips You Need to Know for an Excellent Car Rental Experience

car rental experience

While UAE as a whole and Dubai, in particular, offer plentiful car rental in Dubai choices, the experience may not always be pleasant due to devious techniques deployed by some unsavory car rental agencies – or sheer oversight on your part. This article will help you avoid all such situations. Confirm USPs With so much competition, […]

Top 5 Road Trips In UAE In A Rental Car You Need To Know About

Top 5 Road Trips to Make in the UAE in a Rental Car

Top 5 Road Trips The UAE offers spectacular possibilities when it comes to road trips both within as well as outside the country. Let’s look at the top 5 road trips that you can easily embark in the UAE with a luxury or cheap rental car. Muscat, Oman The capital of Oman is a good 600+ kilometers […]

Consider 4 Factors for Car Rental Deposit in Dubai

Consider 4 Factors for Car Rental Deposit in Dubai

There is a need to deposit money for any emergency. For example, if you damage your car, the deposit in the car rental agency will cover the damage in part or in full, depending on the extent of the damage. Car rental Deposit amount There is no hard and fast rule on the amount of money deposited. […]

Reasons you can Rent a Car in Dubai for Your Dream Vacation

Reasons you can Rent a Car in Dubai for Your Dream Vacation

On your dream vacation, you don’t want to struggle in any way, no matter how you travel.  You want things to be comfortable as possible. A rental car in Dubai can help you, as mentioned below. Comfortable atmosphere Dubai in particular is known for its warm climate for most of the year. With any other mode of […]

Top 5 Promotional Offers that Attract Car Rentals in Dubai

Top 5 Promotional Offers that attract Car Rentals in Dubai

Long Term Discounts As opposed to fixed short term rental rates, long term car rental comes with significant discounts. This alone serves as a huge incentive for folks looking for a long-term car rental in Dubai to easily go ahead with the decision to rent a vehicle since they will save a lot of money in the […]

How to Drive with a Baby in the Rental Car?

Cheapest Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Most people will, at some stage in their lives, have the added responsibility of driving with a baby in their car. Some babies will travel easily. You’ll pop them into their (properly installed) car seat and they’ll fall asleep before you’re even out of your street. And there are other babies that may become just […]

Five Things You Should Never Do While Driving an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car dubai

There are many drivers out there that prefer the simplicity of driving an automatic. Simply hop in, turn the key and you’re on your way. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced driver, there is no disputing that an automatic is easier to drive. This argument is relevant for both short and long […]

Four Reasons to Consider Long Term Car Rental in Dubai

Four Reasons to Consider Long-Term Car Rental in Dubai

Car rentals, whether in Dubai or anywhere in the world, are easier to do in the long run. On the other hand, daily rates apply to short-term fares. Rental costs are very low. Let’s take a look at other reasons to consider long-term car rental in Dubai. By renting a long-term car, you have ensured peace of […]

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Car Rental Fraud

Car rental fraud

Many car rental companies try to deceive their customers in various ways. In this article, we list some tips that can help you avoid being ripped off by such fraudulent rental agencies. Exact car return time Very few car rental companies mention car return dates, but the car rental agreement does not have the right time to […]

Here are five common fuel policies for rental cars in Dubai

rent a car fuel efficiency

Fuel usage policies should be reviewed in detail before renting a car from any car rental agency. The purpose of this article is to list the most relevant and commonly viewed fuel policies in the emirate. By understanding these points, you will be able to analyze your rental agreement and thus save yourself from unnecessary hidden […]