Privacy Policy

We are extremely concerned about respecting customers’ privacy rights. Thus, it is at this moment advising with the below-described privacy policy:

  • The financial details and data associated with credit or debit cards will be kept in the hands of Kohistan Rent a Car and you. It will not be stored, shared through, or sold out to any third party or uninvolved individuals.
  • Kohistan Rent a Car is always striving to keep the trend with the latest trends; as such, our Terms and Conditions might change from time to time. Therefore, customers are advised to visit our official website to be informed of any changes to avoid confusion. Any amendments to the Terms & Conditions will take effect when published.
  • A variety of third-party companies advertise their services on the Kohistan Rent a Car website. They could include, for instance, advertising agencies and ad agencies. These third-party companies use intelligent search software that collects information regarding your search patterns on our site to understand your preferences when you browse. They may collect this data by using web browser cookies as well. Kohistan Rent a Car is not interested in providing any customers information that is related to these websites that advertise.
  • Additionally, Kohistan Rent a Car does not have any authority or control over the data these third parties have collected directly from their own sources. Activities carried out by these third-party companies aren’t within the purview of the Kohistan Rent a Car privacy policy.
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