Five Things You Should Never Do While Driving a Manual Car

Many people opt to drive automatic cars instead of manual ones, as the prices for automatic cars are becoming more affordable. But every manual car owner will admit that their car provides a better driving ‘experience’ compared to that of an automatic car. Dubai and the UAE offer several spectacular places to drive to, which will definitely make you crave a road trip in a reliable car. If you are considering cruising the streets of Dubai in a sports car, then you need to first remember that many of these cars are manual. There are some habits you need to stop doing while driving a manual rental car, to maintain its performance. They are as follows:

Avoid placing your foot on the clutch pedal when not in use

Many drivers have the habit of placing their foot on the clutch while driving when it is not being used. If you are one of them, it is high time you avoid doing so. A half-pressed clutch is being used partially, leading to reduced fuel efficiency and slippages. It may cause permanent damages to the car’s bearings.

Your car’s gear is Not a Hand Rest!

The gear’s top half, or its lever, is a simple structure. One cannot see the complex structures below it, that work to run the car. Underneath, there are compartments that work together to make the transmission function.

If you tend to rest your hand on the gear, you could end up causing the selector fork and the rotator collar to come in contact, resulting in failure of both and causing irreversible damage to your car’s transmission system.

Use hand brake instead of clutch on an incline

This is a common mistake done by many drivers. When they reach an incline, they momentarily stop and let go of the clutch at its bite point. This engages the throttle and stops the vehicle from rolling backward. Doing so wears the clutch’s material and causes permanent damage to it. Hence, it is a better idea to use the handbrake in such a situation.

Never Use the Incorrect Gear to Increase Speed

The use of gears the wrong way could damage its transmission in many ways. If you drive too fast in a lower gear, it could lead to your engine reaching its ‘redline’. Likewise, if you’re driving in a higher gear, you can put a tremendous strain on the engine by choosing to floor the throttle to increase speed.

Never Leave Your Car in Gear When You Come to a Stop

So, you’ve come to a stop sign and you’ll be stationary for at least a small amount of time. What do you do? The best choice is to take your rental car out of gear and place it in neutral. This way, you’re not leaving the clutch depressed for an extended timeframe. This can result in the clutch being worn out prematurely.

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