Tips on how to become a greener driver

As the cold weather approaches, it’s no surprise that the roads are getting faster. Usually, the holiday season will see our highways become a hub of traffic as the holidays begin to arrive soon. Unfortunately, this also means an increase in noise, congestion, and pollution, which is bad news for our long-standing environment. In a country like the United Arab Emirates, we rely heavily on our cars for our daily commute either it is our own car or from a rental car company. Although we know that CO2 emissions from vehicles have a huge impact on our environment, we will ask every driver to abandon their preferred mode of transport. Here are some tips to help you become an eco-friendly driver, reduce your carbon footprint and save on fuel consumption.

Do not let the engine idle when you are stopped

Some of the best luxury cars like Volvo and some BMW and Mercedes now has a feature that shuts off the engine if you get stuck in traffic and don’t move for a certain amount of time. This prevents emissions from accumulating and contributing to global warming. It also saves you money, as if you’re not burning fuel when the engine is off. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, turn off the engine and restart when the traffic starts moving again

Use a Well maintained vehicle

We make sure that all of our rental vehicles are in Kohistan rent a car of high quality and ensuring that the vehicle is well maintained can help reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Even the simplest thing is to make sure you have the right tyre pressure, which can make a huge difference to your fuel consumption, so take care and run these weekly checks to make sure Your car is running as efficiently as possible.

Heavy feet mean more emission

A smooth ride can make a real difference in the amount of fuel you travel. If you have a “heavy” throttle foot, you will use much more fuel if you want smooth, progressive speed and easy braking.

Go green

Although fully electric cars are still in development, the hybrid car is a great choice if you want to cut your emissions and become a green driver. Hybrids really do come into the city scene because electric motors slow traffic, slowly overcoming conditions. Even the latest model “self-charge”, using brake force energy to recharge batteries. Once you take the open road, you can upgrade to a standard petrol engine for longer journeys.

Travel light

The heavier it is, the more power the vehicle needs to move. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk can reduce your car’s capacity by 2%, which may not seem like much at first, but it can have a real impact on fuel consumption while traveling. The figures are even worse if a roof rack is used. This can have a 5% effect on your performance, so if you can travel as much as possible and pack as much as you can inside the car instead of staying on the roof.

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