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How to return a clean rental car

It is true that when you rent a car in dubai, it gets dirty when you use it. Doubtless, it will remain the same when you first rent it. With this background, we provide you with valuable advice on how to return it to your car rental agency cleanly. You may ask why this is necessary. Many rental companies make it clear that you must return the car to them in the condition in which you rented it. This includes guaranteeing a clean car, so there are several ways you can be required to provide a clean car return.

Apply car wash services

The best way to use the services of car wash companies. They do a complete job inside and out, making sure that it is in the same condition (or even better!) Then when you rented it. Had taken Ideally, you should do this before returning your car.

Clean it yourself

Although this is a laborious suggestion, if your car is not very dirty, you can clean it yourself. This is especially true if you drive moderately in the city and the car is barely dirty, for example, the outer surface from which you can clean by yourself.

Even if it’s filthy, say you’re a little off the road. You can use a hose and then clean the car thoroughly. A pressure hose significantly helps in sticky dirt, which would otherwise refuse to go away quickly.


Help clean the car

The abundance of cheap labor in and around Dubai means that you can use their services to clean your rental car. This would be the “intermediate” solution between a professional car wash and self-cleaning. Costs will also be relatively lower, and you will still have a spotless car.

To ensure complete work, it is always possible to monitor the cleaning process. That way, since you will be familiar with the areas where the vehicle will be filthy, you can instruct that extra effort be made to clean these areas.



You must clean the rented or leased car thoroughly before returning it to your car rental agency. At Kohistan Car Rental, we appreciate customers who deviate from their way to ensure that the vehicles they return to us are in the same perfect condition in which they rent them.

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