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If you’re looking to drive a car model of a specific auto brand in the UAE, you’ve come to the right place. Kohistan Rent A Car hosts a large selection of cars for rent in the UAE. Be it cars by Chevrolet, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Kia, and so on.

Rent a car in Dubai by your favorite brand

Brand is becoming more popular, as it tends to simplify the process of choosing which car to rent. Given most cars available for rent include popular models from world-class automotive brands, car rentals.

People frequently travel for work and leisure, and they need a car during trips abroad. Adding to this, many people may not want the hassle of owning and maintaining a car. Hence, they opt to rent cars.

Toyota (Al Futtaim Motors)

Toyota is one of the most preferred brands in the UAE. It’s favored for the Toyota Raize 2023, Toyota Yaris 2023, and Toyota Rush. The Japanese brand is a favorite among locals. Alongside the Toyota Yaris with all-around dark tinted windows is commonplace on UAE roads.

Every new Toyota model sells like hot cakes, especially during the Ramadan season sale. With incremental functional and comfort upgrades, Toyota cars are as regarded among the safest in the UAE. Toyota is hence one of the most fast-moving cars on the rental rack. They are much preferred by local Emiratis as well as Saudi and Oman nationals visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Nissan (Arabian Automobiles / AW Rostamani)

SUVs have been the preferred choice of car type thanks to UAE’s ancient desert life. Nissan made it big in the UAE with its SUV: The Nissan Patrol 2022, Nissan X-Terra 2022, Nissan Patrol 2018, and Nissan Kicks 2021. However the country has evolved to offer modern city life. It’s one of the most demanded rental cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The Nissan Patrol SUV is adored for its powerful engine and massive size, If you happen to drive on the fast lane of Sheikh Zayed Road, Mohammed Bin Zayed, Emirates Road or any other highway in the UAE.

Hyundai (Juma Al Majid Group)

Hyundai is world-renowned and highly respected. The Korean automotive producer offers a range of dependable economy and medium-range vehicles. Every successive model has been a hit year after year.

Car rental companies that cater Hyundai cars receive quite a few inquiries, even though the availability is high in the market. Most customers prefer Hyundai cars, given the brand’s likability by both men and women.