The Complete Sharjah Itinerary

Located along the Persian Gulf’s northern coastline, Sharjah occupies a position of cultural and economic importance in the UAE. The city has a landscape of beautiful domes and towering minarets, with titles such as “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” and “Islamic Capital of Culture”. Sharjah has rows of museums, cafes, socks, and shopping malls, providing a lot for the discerning traveler to see and do. If you are an arts and culture aficionado, Sharjah is the perfect place for you to be. you can move around anywhere in your rental car.


As a site of culture and tradition in the Arab region, Sharjah hosts a number of events and festivals every year. To see Sharjah in its colorful style, you must visit the cities around these festivals. The first months of February and March celebrate festivals such as the Sharjah Lights Festival and the Sharjah Arts Binary. Other popular festivals include the Sharjah International Arabic Horse Festival and the Sharjah International Book Fair.


Home to some wonderful cafes and restaurants, Sharjah not only offers visitors lip-smacking Arab delicacies, but also superlative regional and international cuisines. From amazing luxury restaurants to wonderful local joints, the city has a cornucopia of options for every taste and every budget. Locations such as Meles, Sharjah Dho Restaurant, and Arus Damascus Restaurant serve authentic regional dishes such as Salonat Lahm, Salonat Diya, Mbhar Tuna, Grill Platter, Hummus, Futus Salad, Tabaobila, Mashwa, Hummus, Mutbal, Kebab Halabi, Stuffed Leaves, and Shawarma. Do Other Elements For those who love Indo-Chinese fusion foods, a visit to Kats is a must.

Adventure Activities

If an adrenaline charged vacation is what you want, the city of Sharjah is the perfect destination. With its location near the sea and the desert, Sharjah offers guests a number of organized adventures, including water sports and desert activities. Ride a Dun Bashing or a quad bike, or try your sandboarding skills for an exciting trip on the sand dunes. Enjoy other activities like camping, water skiing, scuba diving, and snorkelling to get in touch with nature.


From grand shopping malls to traditional souks, Sharjah provides its visitors with abundant shopping opportunities. You can enjoy shopping for international luxury brands or walking around the markets and chatting with Traders for a more rustic shopping experience. Sharjah’s Blue Civic, named after the color of its tiles, is an internationally renowned market. The Sahara Mall and the Sharjah City Centre are one-stop shops for luxury shopping in Sharjah.


With a rich history and cultural heritage, Sharjah is home to many attractions for travelers and tourists in the city. The purpose of this tour is not only to entertain and relax but also to inform for a comprehensive experience. The Sharjah Arts Museum, Khalid Lagoon, the Sharjah Heritage Area, and the Arabian Wildlife Centre should all be on your list of places you must visit when in the city. Simply get a rental car from providers like Kohistan rent a car and set off to explore the city at your leisure!

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