How To Utilize Your Rental Car For Some Fitness

Are you looking for how to utilize your rental car for some fitness? Driving on the roads of Dubai can be a great tour. Choosing the same route to the office or college every day and heavy traffic can tire you out. Sitting in an office chair for long periods of time and then sitting in the driver’s seat can eventually have very bad effects on your muscles, joints, and spine. Stressed bodies and minds often lead to stress and restless driving. 

Yoga is a well-known remedy that is popular as a basic method of exercise. Did you know that yoga can calm your body and mind while driving? Yoga has proven to have a huge impact in helping drivers stay calm and focused on their rides. In Rent a Car Dubai Monthly Service You may face a lot of traffic every day which can be quite tiring. For this, you need healthy exercise. Kohistan Rent A Car has very good quality vehicles with comfortable seats which will help you to stay calm during travelling. Check our awesome Carlist for the best journey.  In this article, we will explain some exercise techniques to help you stay calm in the car.

Breathing The Right Way

Breathing is considered to be the most important part of yoga. It helps to boost your brain. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your breathing by inhaling and exhaling for the same duration at the same concentration. When you encounter emotionally stimulating situations while driving. By using these yoga techniques you can calm your mind. Here we will explain two yoga breathing techniques which will help you to stay calm.

Belly Breathing

In this technique, place one hand on your stomach and take a deep breath in and after some time start exhaling. Repeat this process for about 5 to 10 minutes. Normal breathing does not use the lungs while deep breathing makes full use of the lungs. Deep breathing increases blood circulation which will help you stay active and reduce fatigue.

Equal Breathing

Equal breathing is the best way to keep yourself calm without distracted driving. This requires you to breathe slowly. Breathe in it slowly for a while and then start exhaling slowly. It will help you relieve tension and control your heart rate so that you can fully focus on driving.

Twist Your Spine

The spinal cord plays an important role in maintaining body posture and it is especially important to relax with spinal exercises. when sitting in the car You should sit up straight in the car seat with your feet flat on the floor. Turn your torso to the right while holding the seat with both hands in the same position for 8-10 reps and also repeat the same exercise on your left side. This yoga movement can help you relieve the tension in the spine caused by sitting in the car seat for long periods of time.

Cow Pose

This is considered ideal yoga when you are stuck in heavy traffic. Hold the steering wheel of the car with one hand and raise the other hand above the head, then slowly bend the elbow and try to touch your shoulder. You can also try holding the backrest for better grip and stretch. Do the same yoga pose with opposite hands.

Roll Your Joints

The neck and many other parts of the body have a lot of joints that need to be exercised to increase blood circulation in the body. For this, there are many yoga exercises that help a lot in making your bones healthy. Here are a few simple tips to keep your bones healthy.

when you are in a rental car try to reduce the pressure on your ankles. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to keep your feet flexible because driving requires steady hands. For this reason, the shoulders are often stiff and tight. Hold the steering wheel with one hand and slowly roll your shoulders back and forth as you take a deep breath. To keep your neck flexible start, lower your chin and quickly roll your shoulders, then slowly rotate the bottom of your head toward your right shoulder. Hold for eight to ten breaths and slowly return your head to the previous centre position. Repeat the same on the other side.

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