How to prevent rental car from catching fire during summer seaseon

How To Prevent Rental Car Dubai From Catching Fire During The Summer Season

In the summer season, all car owners worry about their vehicles. They try to protect their cars from the heat. Due to high heat, vehicles catch fire quickly. More than 90 vehicles caught fire in Dubai in 2022 due to summer heat. Proper maintenance and timely servicing of the vehicle can prevent such incidents. Is your car safe to drive during the summer heat?  If you want to get a service like rent a car in Dubai from Kohistan Rent A Car all the maintenance and servicing are done by the company side.

If you don’t want to waste time on car maintenance and servicing, renting a car will be suitable for you. From Kohistan Car Rental Company you can avail of all kinds of services like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. In this article, we will tell you how to prevent rental cars from catching fire during the summer season.

The Causes Of Fire

There are many reasons why vehicles catch fire, such as human error, mechanical or electrical faults, or chemicals. Vehicles also catch fire very quickly due to summer heat. To avoid all these things we need to take precautions. Try to park your car in the shade of trees. Do not keep any flammable items in it while parking like hand sanitizers, batteries, cigarette letters, and perfume bottles.

What To Do When A Car is on Fire?

If the vehicle catches fire while driving, evacuate everyone in the vehicle turned off the ignition. Move away from the burning vehicle to avoid toxic flames and fumes. Before the fire starts to burn the vehicle there is a signal that the car is going to catch fire. When you know your car is on fire don’t panic stay in peace turn on the hazard warning lights to warn other vehicles of the danger. If you are near a gas pump find a sand bucket to put out the fire before calling a technician. Contact your car rental service provider to handle the situation and get a replacement car after the power outage. 

How To Prevent Cars From Burning?

There can be many reasons for a car to catch fire. Things that can cause a car fire are listed below.

  • Do not keep flammable items in the vehicle.
  • Sparks from a car battery can also cause a fire.
  • Always use original parts, especially the engine.
  • Avoid smoking in the car as it can also cause a fire.
  • If the oil lid is not closed properly, it may cause a fire.
  • Rent a car with a properly functioning engine. Vehicles with bad engines cause fires.


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