Car rental fraud

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Car Rental Fraud

Many car rental companies try to deceive their customers in various ways. In this article, we list some tips that can help you avoid being ripped off by such fraudulent rental agencies.

Exact car return time

Very few car rental companies mention car return dates, but the car rental agreement does not have the right time to return the car. However, when the car returns, they demand a delay in returning the car and impose a penalty for the delay. The suggestion here would be to specify the exact time of the return of the car and confirm it in writing.

False claims for unlimited mileage

There is always a fine print for any complaints from car rental companies about “unlimited mileage,” which always has to do with the boundaries from which the car can be purchased. As an experienced tenant, you should not be swayed by such claims and look in-depth for an excellent print.

False claims for vehicle damage

Many car rental companies claim that when you know that you have not done so much damage, the rental car has suffered all kinds of damage. The way to handle such complaints is to have the vehicle inspected thoroughly during the hire. Take pictures of any damage, such as dentures, and verify them in writing with the car rental company. That way, they can’t come back to you later and blame you for the damage.

Fuel top-up

Car rental agreements clearly state the state of the vehicle’s fuel tank when you return it – sometimes it is expected to be repeated, or In the same condition it was given, half full. When these expectations are not met, a commission is imposed. You can avoid all of these fines or charges by making sure you comply with the fuel tank clause in the rental agreement.

False insurance

The most common way car rental companies try to cover their customers is to provide details of the insurance policy that currently covers the car. For example, does it offer third-party coverage? Which part is covered by the insurance policy and to what extent? If something bad happens, to what extent will the insurance company be responsible? The simple solution here is to make sure you have a copy of the original car insurance policy so that everything is clear from the start.


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