Top 5 Great Places to Drive with Your Rental Car from Dubai

Top 5 Great Places to Drive with Your Rental Car from Dubai

Although Dubai is full of attractions where you can go inside the city and experience it, there are immediately many places in the area that are just as pleasant. The fact that you can drive comfortably in these places with a true rental car makes it even more appealing.


About 200 km from Dubai, the journey to Khasab is an experience you will really enjoy. This is because the road runs along the coast. Once in Khasabad, you will really enjoy the Anjujis that are similar to Norway. Khasab’s beaches include Basa Beach and Jebel Hareem.

Dibba, Fujairah

It is a popular destination for UAE beach activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and of course good old swimming. The sparkling blue sea itself is a sight to behold. Once in Dibba, don’t miss the opportunity to take a leisurely boat ride!

Al Ain

Al Ain is only 120 km from Dubai along the border with Oman. The city is especially known for its fascinating plants. In Al Ain, you will also enjoy the view of Jebel Hafeet, the second-highest mountain in the UAE. Once in Al Ain, you can visit Al Ain Zoo with its large collection of exotic animals along with a tour of the local museums and many historical sites here.

Al Qudra Lake

Just 30 minutes from Dubai is Lake Al-Qadra, which actually includes many man-made lakes. In addition to exotic species of birds and fish, you can also see deer baskets here in the glory of nature. Lake Al-Qadra is an ideal picnic spot for families and large groups. So, if you are an adult traveling together, this is a trip you should consider, especially since the driving time and distance from Dubai is not much.


The UAE’s Ajman may be a bit far from Dubai, but if it’s not a problem, it will definitely benefit, especially the beautiful beaches of Ajman and the amazing sand dunes there, which are common in other parts of the islands. But not seen. Emirates


There are many places you can easily reach by car from Dubai. At kohistan Car Rental, we offer you the cheapest hatchback car rental options you can choose from for your memorable trip.

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