Top 5 Activities to Try Before Winter Ends

Thanks to its climate, winter activities in the UAE are just as much fun as summer adventures. However, what makes them different is the low daily temperature which makes discovery and outdoor activities more comfortable.

If you decide to go horse riding or hiking in the desert for the Shoka Trail you will need to take a lot of water with you, but there is so much to choose from that there’s one thing you’ll never be – bored! Here is a list of our five top activities to try before winter ends.

Remember, if you need a Kohistan rent a car to get out and about, we recommend a 4×4 or larger SUV so you can get all your adventure kit in and still have room for the kids!

Horse Riding in the desert

Arabian horses are the most beautiful in the world, with a reputation for strength, endurance, and quite a feisty spirit too! The desert is their home, and there’s no better way to reconnect with the majesty of the dunes and the history of the region than by saddling up and going horse riding.

Regardless of skill or experience, this is an open adventure for everyone, even if you’ve never Sat in a horse before. Take a look at riding schools in Dubai and across the region and book some lessons before setting off on the guided track

Kayaking in Hatta

If you prefer the water to the desert, then kayaking in Hatta is a must-do. Not only is it an amazing place to participate in water sports, but the road triple to Hita is the most popular destination in the UAE.

It takes more than an hour and a half to reach it from Dubai via Sharjah Kalma Road, but the journey takes you through a dramatic mountainous region. When you reach Hatta, you can spend as much time as you want on the lake. It’s tranquil, it gives you a completely new perspective on the region, and anyone can do it!

Hiking the Shawka trail

Lace up your hiking boots and pack an extra bottle of water for this 10.3km loop around the Shawka Dam Mountain Trail. The road trip takes you to Al-Khairi and once you get there you can spend your time wandering on a well-Marked trail on your way that takes you to the lake. It’s classified as a moderate route, so expect some hills as well as rough terrain. But don’t worry car rental has figured it out

Paddle-boarding around The Palm

If you have to get back to work on Sunday, then keep it local with some paddle-boarding fun around The Palm. If you’ve never tried a paddle board (or SUP) before, this is the perfect place to get your feet wet.

Because even when the wind blows, the water stays calm like a mirror, thanks to the palm shelter. Set off from Al Soufouh beach and give it a go – it’s a great family activity and a great way to see a completely different corner of the city skyline.

Quad biking The Big Red

If you want to get up close and personal with the desert dunes then try quad biking at The Big Red. Rather than being enclosed in a 4×4, you’re out in the open, tackling some of the biggest dunes in the desert and having a real blast.

Again, take plenty of water with you when you are outdoors (which is why it is more comfortable to do this in the winter months). This is an adventure that kids will be talking about for years to come!

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