Tips To Skip Heavy Traffic On The Dubai Roads

Are you looking for how to skip heavy traffic on Dubai roads? Dubai is the only city in the world which is developing in every sector like infrastructure, business, technology and tourism. As one of the most developed cities in the world, Dubai attracts tourists, job seekers and investors every year and this number continues to increase. This progressive city is like traffic on the streets. A well-established road network makes travelling easy and convenient, but unplanned driving can keep you stuck in traffic. Get rent a car Dubai service and enjoy your trip. Here are some helpful simple tips to avoid traffic on Dubai roads.

Some Proven ways to Avoid Traffic

  • Avoid Peak Hours

Business and school hours are the main determinants of road traffic. Cities often have times when crowds surge in one direction or another. South of Dubai is the centre of offices. This usually starts between 8 AM and 9 AM.

Avoid travelling to South Dubai during this time of the week. In the same way Traveling to North Dubai between 5 PM and 7 PM should be avoided as it is peak hours for office workers returning home. Roads are also congested with school buses during these times.

  • Keep Track of Road Works

Google Maps has made travelling a lot easier. You can get all the information about roads before going on a trip. You can easily check the damaged roads and construction areas on roads. You can identify major traffic points and find alternate routes to reach your destination quickly and easily. You can also check the official RTA website for real traffic updates in any region.

  • Know the Congested Areas

Certain areas of Dubai experience heavy traffic. Due to the growing population and tourism and narrow roads, there is a lot of traffic. The Jumeriah Lake Towers, Discovery Gardens and the Jumeriah Beach Residence are the main attractions in South Dubai. They suffer from traffic jams during peak hours. Karama, Deira and international cities often face heavy traffic and making it a central residential area in North Dubai.

  • Use Weekend Mornings

Sunday is a holiday in most countries, but Friday is a holiday in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Planning an early morning trip is considered the best. Very little traffic is encountered at this time. Thursday night is also considered best for planning trips. In the afternoon you can face a little traffic.

Streets near shopping malls and large parks can be crowded on weekends. Because families often come to visit during this period. So your mall and park plans can be split into weekdays and you can plan a long morning drive on Friday morning. 


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