Tips to Protect Rental Car from Thieves

While travelling from one place to another, especially abroad, we face a lot of problems. One of the biggest concerns is protecting your rental car from thieves. when you are on vacation you tend to be less careful because you’re too busy on vacation. In these situations, you are more likely to fall victim to thieves. We discuss a few ways to prevent your rental car from being stolen. So you can enjoy driving during your vacation in Dubai. Follow our few tips to enjoy your vacation and make your trip memorable.

Check Your Vehicle

It feels a little awkward to carry your valuables while travelling. Carefully inspect valuables when exiting your vehicle. It can be a tangible or intangible value. By all means, it should be stored safely remotely or taken with you. Do not leave it in the car If you decide to leave it in the car under any circumstances. Make sure nothing is hidden underneath. It must be completely out of sight. Don’t let thieves wonder if it’s something hidden.

Inspect all luggage as you enter the car. Do this same when your parking your vehicle. If something is stolen, report it immediately. Check your luggage thoroughly before making any complaints. If you rent a car with a driver, there are very less chances of theft. Kohistan Rent A Car is providing this facility. Our driving staff are highly experienced and have government-approved licenses. You can take our services like rent a car Dubai without any hassle.

The Compartment in Your Rental Car

Always leave the front compartment of the rental car open. This way they’ll be persuaded to think that there’s nothing of worth things inside. You could have passed by trucks left with their windows open, around evening time. It is done as such for precisely the same explanation.

Open windows mean you don’t have any worthy things in there, along these lines manoeuvring criminals toward accepting that they don’t have anything to take. As a rule, it’s the glove compartment that they really take a look at from the outset, subsequent to breaking into a vehicle.

Hide Your Valuable Items

It is always recommended to hide your valuable items in the car before you arrive at your destination. If you decide to hide your valuables after you get to the scene. It’s possible that someone has seen these items and is ready to attack as soon as you leave. Put everything aside and hide your belongings in the trunk at the start of your journey. This way thieves can’t smell the way to your car.

Choose the Right Parking Spot

Choosing the right parking spot will reduce the risk of your vehicle being devastated. Look for a location that is more visible and in bright light. The deeper or farther the car is, the more likely it is to be punctured. Another trick is to look for glass shards. In principle, this is a sign that this is not a safe area and is already occupied. Avoid those kinds of parking points.

Rent smart

We need to be very careful while renting a car. Choose a vehicle that won’t break easily. Make sure there is enough space in the trunk to store your valuable things. Hiring a car that isn’t too flashy can help. So the thieves thought there was nothing for them. Another important factor to keep in mind is you don’t keep your rental car agreement inside. If the car is stolen or compromised you may not be able to find these documents.

Choose vehicles that are in good condition. If you are facing any problems while taking a good car on rent then visit Kohistan Rent a Car website now and check our car list. We provide all types of vehicles and they are in extremely good condition. If you want to rent a car for a longer period of time, you can also avail our rent a car Dubai monthly service.

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