Tips to Drive Defensively with Your Rental Car

Being defensive while driving your rental car is the best way to stay safe on the road. Also, when you are driving in Dubai, the traffic rules might be different from your home country, and you may also have to drive on the other side of the road. Moreover, getting pulled over by police when driving in a different country is highly embarrassing and can put you in a lot of trouble. No matter how good a driver you are, you need to be extra careful while driving a rental car in a different country. Defensive driving is the safest form of driving you can adopt irrespective of the situation. To keep yourself safe, here are some tips that will help you drive defensively with your car rental from Dubai airport.

Be Attentive

Always be attentive while driving and do not let anyone make you lose your focus. Accidents can happen even when you become negligent even for a second. An empty street does not give you the license to drive fast. If you feel sleepy, stop your car to freshen up for a bit and turn up the music if it helps.

Assume Other Drivers to Be Worst

While driving a rental car, assume that all the other drivers are bad at driving. Even though you follow traffic rules and are generous to other drivers by allowing them to enter your lane, don’t be the same as them. Follow the traffic rules as you do, follow lane driving, and across the speed limits.

Know the Traffic Rules

When you are driving a rental car, make sure you thoroughly understand the traffic rules of the area. Research the other aspects of driving in a foreign country. The driver’s seat may be on another side than what it is in your country; the traffic may be coming from the opposite side than in your country; a definite gap should always be maintained with the car in front of you. These are some changes you should be ready for while driving in Dubai.

Be Prepared for Rainy and Snowy Weather

Be slow in adverse weather conditions. In low visibility, keep the cruise control on and windshield wipers running. When roads are slick, wet, and snowy, take control of the brakes and maintain a decent gap from other vehicles. Always keep on seat belts irrespective of bad or good weather to ensure your safety.

Don’t Drive Through Blind Spots

Blind spots are those spots from where you can’t see the driver of other vehicles. If you can’t see the driver of a truck from the truck mirror, he possibly can’t see you either. Avoid such situations by keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings.

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