Staycations In The UAE

While we finally seem to be seeing some light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel, we’re not all the way out of this worldwide emergency just yet. This means that in many cases traveling abroad is still difficult or even impossible. As a result, the “staycations” has suddenly become a favorite holiday for 2021, and in the UAE we have the most amazing destinations in the world, you can visit on your rental car, right on your doorstep! From epic desert landscapes to luxury spas, coastal resorts, or mountain adventures, the staycation offers UAE residents the chance to explore their own region in all its glory. Although Dubai may be the number one destination for non-residents in one of the most exciting cities in the world, there are many other jewels scattered throughout the region that are worth seeing this year. Here is our pick of the best:

The Hajar Mountains

One of the secrets of the UAE, this stunning mountain range has everything the adventure traveler could wish for. Expect great roads for driving enthusiasts, mountain trails for hiking and biking, and some beautiful scenery throughout the region. Along the way, some of the region’s best luxury spa hotels with some stops are perfect for weekend or longer touring.

Jebel Hafeet

The second-highest mountain in the Emirates, this is the place to head if you love breath-taking views and winding roads. It is perfect for a day trip from Abu Dhabi and is ideal if you want to be able to take a few days of adventure driving and hiking on a long trip to Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. The view at sunset is simply stunning.

Al Bidyah

A staycation to Fujairah is a chance to explore our history and culture in all its glory. It is important to note that at the top of the list should be a visit to the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. The whole area is the dream of an archaeologist and thousands of specimens have been excavated in the surrounding area. Check out local museums for more information on whether excavations are ongoing, as they guide you to places of interest.

Ras Al Khaimah

With 5-star hotels sitting underneath million-star skies, this is one of the best luxury destinations in the UAE you can visit on your rental car. Relax on the beautiful sandy beach, dive into the crystal clear waters or visit some of the region’s oldest historical sites, including the 4,000-year-old mausoleum in the north and the magnificent Falaya Fort.


It may be the smallest of the Emirate states, but Ajman in the north is the perfect spot to head for if you want to escape the crowds and discover a more authentic Arabian atmosphere. The beach is now a major tourist attraction, and numerous new luxury resorts cater to savvy customers. Ajam’s journey is also really wonderful and it is a short holiday in itself.

The Empty Quarter

There is nowhere in the entire region more evocative, more secret, and more mysterious than The Empty Quarter. This amazing desert stretches to the southeastern interior and is one of the last companions to be discovered and explored by adventurers in the UAE. Desert roads are great, but if you want to go “off-road” you will definitely need 4 × 4. Plan your trip carefully and remember to respect the desert. Also, make sure to travel to Lewa Oasis.

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