Refund Policy

Kohistan Rent a Car adheres to the following rules regarding its policy on refunds:

  • If the customer decides to return the car before the due date and time, the vehicle will be returned to Kohistan Rent a Car. Kohistan Rent a Car is not obliged to make an amount due for days that are not used.
  • All refunds will be processed according to the actual mode of Payment.
  • However, customers can alter the terms and conditions of hiring the Kohistan Rent a Car rental services only before the rental services begin. The categories that can be changed could be based on time duration, vehicle type, rates, pick-up, drop locations, etc. All of these are subject to the current rate.
  • Clients must request an identification number to submit their request for a refund.
  • Customers must inform us of the reason for a refund. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to further improve the quality of our services.
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