Is It Safe to Drive in A Rental Car During the Pandemic Outbreak?

While many are continuing to work from home, certain working professionals have begun commuting to work. Avoiding public transport is definitely one way to limit exposure to the virus. You can also choose to renta car in Dubai or Car leasing, both of which are good ways to keep a safe distance from others. In fact, car rental companies have become more cautious and are making sure to disinfect the car before and after use. Now, you may be wondering what precautions you need to take to drive safely in this critical situation. Let’s get rid of your worries, because we bring you four easy tips to follow and protect yourself while driving.

Always Self Park the Vehicle

Whether you are driving to the mall or any location with a valet parking service, we suggest skipping it altogether. This limits your connection to the virus carrier and guarantees you complete security. In fact, with the lock down, finding a parking space doesn’t seem like a problem.

Sanitize the Car

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, it is essential to sanitize your car regularly. Focus on areas that come in contact most often, such as the steering wheel, gearbox, infotainment system, doors, windows and seat belts. Don’t forget the dashboard, too, as it has more germs. While cleaning use a strong alcohol-based sanitizer to keep out all your worries of coming into contact with the virus at bay.

Beware of Gas Stations

While this may not appear as a major risk, according to a recent study conducted, it is found that fuel stations carry twelve times more germs than a public restroom. This is definitely something to consider, right? With more than a thousand cars coming in a day and workers coming in contact with a number of people, you want to be more careful when refueling a rental car. In the case of self-service, it is recommended that they use gloves to prevent many physical items such as buttons and pumps from infecting themselves.

Avoid Travelling with Passengers

This is especially for those who have to commute to work on a daily basis. Choose to rent a car instead because it limits your interaction with other passengers, and reduces the risk of infection. Public transit and vans are more likely to carry the virus than private cars. In fact, with the new driving rules, the number of passengers in a car should be limited to one and that one should sit in the back with a face mask at all times.

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