How to sanitize the car you rented from car rental company

The pandemic situation has completely changed everything right from having a face mask while commuting to ample restrictions for our favourite weekend trips. Getting a car service from a reliable car rental service in Dubai can help keep your car safe and travel safe and clean. Many hygiene products and disinfectants have been introduced to the market, so it is often difficult to decide how to effectively disinfect and sanitize the cars. Here are some useful tips to properly sanitize your vehicle every day

What to Use?

Not to mention, good quality rubber gloves are the primary requirement to keep yourself safe during the whole cleaning process. This will help you to properly dispose of your gloves after cleaning without touching your vehicle elsewhere. Isopropyl alcohol is widely considered to be an effective product for eliminating germs and viruses from any surface. However, isopropyl alcohol can severely damage leather seats. Therefore, it is important to use high quality products Recommended by Car rental Company to clean the seats. Similarly, to avoid damage to the anti-reflective coatings of touch screens, avoid using household glass cleaners. You can routinely use a small amount of soapy water to avoid excess moisture inside the car.

What Not to Use?

As the car interior parts are made of varied materials, it is essential to take high precautions while selecting the cleansing products. Although batching and hydrogen peroxide are chemicals known to kill corona viruses, they can cause severe damage to vanilla and plastic surfaces. Ammonia-based cleaning chemicals should be strictly avoided, especially on the dashboard, as they make the surface sticky if exposed to heat and light later. If you can’t find the right chemical, a balanced solution of high quality soap and water is enough for the necessary cleaning. Use a delicate brush made of smooth material to avoid damaging the car’s shiny finish and other delicate surfaces. 

Common Touch points

Before starting the rigorous cleaning process, it is essential to identify the common areas highly exposed to contract with external viruses. In the front section, the steering wheel, console box, gear lever, and switches focus on this in the main circle, as they are an extreme contact level through the driver. Dashboard buttons and other control switches are secondary areas of disinfection. Generally, other parts of the contract such as cup holders, light switches, armatures, seat belt clips, and all entrance door handles must be properly cleaned. Cleaning and hygiene work on the exterior of the car, especially the doors and handles, is also important as they are in constant contact with air and external substances.

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