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How to Drive with a Baby in the Rental Car?

Most people will, at some stage in their lives, have the added responsibility of driving with a baby in their car. Some babies will travel easily. You’ll pop them into their (properly installed) car seat and they’ll fall asleep before you’re even out of your street. And there are other babies that may become just a tad distressed during car trips. This depends largely on the temperament of the baby, but there are things that you can do to make the journey as peaceful as possible. After all, a screaming baby is going to disrupt the focus of even the most astute driver. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply scrap any plans of traveling with your baby in the car. It just means you must gradually acclimatize your baby to longer periods spent in the car rental. Whilst there are some obvious pointers, like driving carefully and never speeding, there are some additional points to keep in mind. The busy roads of Dubai will always require you to drive carefully especially when your cargo is a precious baby.

Getting Your Baby Used to the Car Seat

This can start by getting your baby more used to the luxury or cheap rent cars in Dubai seat itself. And how do you do this? Bring the car seat inside and have your baby sit in it. Keep your baby occupied. You can do this by giving your baby some of their favorite toys to play with. By doing this, you’re building an association of ‘play’ that is connected to the car seat. Make sure that you engage and interact with your baby during this time.

Getting Your Baby Used to Car Travel

So, your baby is happily playing in the car seat inside your home. Now it’s time to start experimenting with some short car trips. The first thing to ensure is that your car seat is properly installed and secured. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to get on the road. The best time to go for a drive is while your baby is in a good mood. Have someone in the back seat to interact with your baby and keep them occupied.

Check the Climate of the Car

As a rule, if you’re overly hot or cold in your car, then so is your baby. You can purchase sun shields to place on the rear side windows. These will ensure that your baby’s delicate eyes aren’t damaged by the rays of sunlight coming through the window. If it’s a colder day, then make sure your baby is adequately covered by a blanket. A blanket that smells like Mum may also calm a baby that tends to get irritable during trips.

Don’t Smoke in your Car

This doesn’t just mean when your baby is in the car with you. It means never light up in your car! When you smoke in your car, the toxins from the smoke penetrate the car’s upholstery. So, the next time your little one is in the car, they have the misfortune of breathing in all the toxins from your second-hand smoke. A baby’s lungs are so much more vulnerable than an adult’s lungs. Second-hand smoke is quite debilitating so it’s crucial to avoid any smoking in your rental car if you have a baby

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