Here are 5 car rental insurance variations you need to know


There are many variations and additions to car rental insurance. When choosing a cheap car rental in Dubai, you should always be aware of these numerous insurance offers.

Off-Road Travel Insurance

Off-Road Travel Insurance is only suitable if you rent a car on the road like Toyota Land Cruiser or Prado. Not only this, but with the help of this you can do wonders. So, if you are not planning to go on the road, avoid paying for such insurance, no matter which car you rent.

It is recommended that you review your rental agreement carefully to verify that this type of insurance is charged to you by default, especially when you do not intend to go astray.

Road Maintenance Insurance

Road Maintenance Insurance coverage we recommend. It covers potential hazards such as road damage, flat tires, mechanical damage and repairs. Since such unforeseen events occur, even if they happen unexpectedly, it is always advisable to be prepared for them.

No Claims Bonus

No Claims Bonus is an important incentive for many careful drivers with a clean record. If it can be shown on paper that no insurance claims have been made in the past year or more, car rental companies may be open to reducing the cost of your insurance.

Windscreen Coverage

Windscreen Coverage is a very special type of insurance that covers your windshield damage when you rent a car. The suitability of this insurance is based on the weather and handling of many vehicles in and around Dubai, many of which have damaged their windshields, especially older models. This kind of coverage protects you from any such loss.

Short-Term Travel Coverage

Most travelers to Dubai (or the UAE as a whole) choose this coverage when renting a car because it is cheaper and yet they provide the coverage in which they own their car. Rent

As an experienced rental car user, you need to double check whether the car rental agency has integrated this insurance coverage into the total cost that is being charged to you or you Paying for it separately. In the latter case, you may want to make a small purchase as there will be no cheaper option than the option chosen by the car rental agency.


At Kohistan rent a car, we pride ourselves on the transparency with which we apply our customers to their respective matters regarding insurance policies and their costs will be borne by everyone.

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