Essentials for Road Trips on your Rental Car in Dubai

Essentials for Road Trips on your Rental Car in Dubai

When planning a road trip in Dubai, the distinct items that we remember to take along include snacks, comfortable clothing, and games to play on the way. However, there are many other things we often forget to bring on the trip. In this article, we give you a practical guide on the list of items that you should not forget on your road trip in Dubai while traveling on your car rental in Dubai. It will keep you ready at all times.

Personal Care

No, we’re not just talking about the regular essentials such as toothbrushes, deodorants, shampoo, and other toiletries. While most people remember to keep these items with them but forget about other things that will usually make your long adventure more comfortable. These include sunscreen, cold or fever pills, antacids, toilet paper, and bug sprays.

Water Bottle and Chewing Gum

When on the road, drivers often remember to keep their coffee or energy drink within their arm’s reach. However, you should also keep other essentials with you, especially if you are the only person awake in your rental car. All you need are water bottles, mouth fresheners, sunglasses, and if you’re driving in the winter.

Healthy Snacks

With an abundance of junk food available at every gas station, there is no surprise as to why most drivers turn to high-calorie foods such as potato chips, donuts, biscuits, and soda. These foods usually cause the driver to fall asleep shortly after. To stay awake and fresh, you need to store healthy snacks such as fruit, protein bars, or cereal mixes that help you stay alert and feel your best.


Technology has sure made our lives much more comfortable and convenient. However, there is nothing more frustrating than watching your phone’s battery drop over time. To avoid such issues, you need to carry a portable GPS (if needed), car charger, and adapter in your car rental in Dubai. In addition, you can download related apps that will make your ride more efficient.


Cleaning equipment is one of the basic requirements which we often fail to carry along. These include Ziploc bags, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and a trash bag. This also ensures that your rental car is clean and pure and you can return it in that condition.

Boredom Fighters

The act of chatting and gazing out of your window can only keep you entertained for so long. You don’t have to sit quietly till the end. You can engage in various activities such as coloring for children, board games, playing cards, or singing together.

When you are fully prepared for your road trip, you are able to create a memorable experience for yourself and others. Once you’ve finished each of these items on the list, get ready to hit the road in your rental car.

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