Save Extra on Your Next Car Rental

Published by Kohistan Rent A Car LLC

Hiring a car in Dubai can be expensive. However, if you do your research and make the right decision, you can end up saving at least 30% of the overall cost.

Following are some steps that you can follow to save big time on your car rental:

1.†† Skip the airport: Have you ever noticed that a car rental hired at the airport costs much more than the same hired anywhere else. This is because airports have surcharges that car rentals add to your fare. So, hiring a car from any other spot makes a lot of sense.

2.†† Get your research done from the internet: Try to check as many rental sites as possible to screen the best rental options. Different car rental companies offer competitive rates, which can save at least fifteen to twenty percent of your money.

3.†† Seek out cheaper options: Donít shy away from hiring cars from lesser known car rental companies in Dubai. There are many rental car companies out there that are vying for your business and commendation. Itís not necessary that a less established rental car company may provide bad service. In fact, many of these companies try to come out to the top by giving out attractive discounts and deals, which you can take advantage of.

The difference in prices between an established and lesser known car rental company in UAE may not mean a lot for a single trip. But if you are a frequent cab passenger, the difference will add up to a lot of savings.

Get the best car rental deals in Dubai.

4.†† Go for economy cars: Be cautious of your rental. Hiring a Luxury car in Dubai is a good option, but they are relatively expensive. There are a lot many cheaper options available, which are not that different from luxury cars. But make sure that the rental car you hire should be comfortable enough for everyone, in case you have to travel with a pack.

5.†† Stick to 1 driver: The price of renting a car in Dubai can increase if you add more than one driver. Therefore, itís better to stick to one designated driver. Some of the rental car companies in Dubai may waive the additional fee if the driver is a spouse of the main driver, so you need to check the terms and conditions of the rental service in Dubai that you choose.

Saving money on car rentals isnít all that hard if you pay attention to the details and do proper research before stepping out.