Check out these five things in your rental car

When you decide to rent a car in Dubai Marina or Dubai, be prepared to be spoiled for choice. There is a huge range of cars from all over the world. You can choose from luxury to economy cars according to your needs and length of stay. Budget plans offered by car rental agencies are cheaper to rent a car for UAE residents. However, you need to do some initial checks to make sure you don’t overpay. So once you choose your car, here are some tips to keep in mind before you pick it up.

Inspect the vehicle

The vehicle must be scrutinized from both inside and outside. If you find a scraper, have a picture of them before you rent a car. This will help you avoid paying unnecessary fines for damage and scratches. You also need to check with the rental agency when the car was last tested for safety. Also, check the engine, wheels and also whether the vehicle has been introduced regularly.

Documents and support

The vehicle must have all the necessary documents (registration and insurance) that the Dubai Transport Authority will require. You should also check that the rental agency provides after-sales services and maintenance services. If you need help or assistance using their vehicle, it would be best if you contact them for details on the various ways to contact them.

Be cool, stay cool!

Although it may seem like brain work, you need to check if the AC in your car is working. You will need an air conditioner when driving in the hot sun because if it is not working, it will ruin your whole experience. So in addition to other essential accessories, you need to make sure that the air conditioning works well to keep you cool and fresh.

Plan your expenses

Do you plan a trip? Most car rental agencies set daily mileage limits for rental cars. Exceeding these limits will result in additional costs. You can easily avoid this by planning your daily trips to make sure you don’t end up paying extra. At the same time, you should remember that rental cars are for transportation purposes only and avoid the temptation to try desert safaris with them.

Return Formalities

Before you go with your rental car, you should check with the rental agency to see how they expect the car to be returned to them. Some expect the car to be returned to one of their offices, while others arrange to pick it up from a specific location. They will also do some checks on the car before returning the deposit. It would be nice to know what they are looking at to assess the condition of the car.

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