Car Rental Practices to Avoid in 2021

It’s a new year and also time to leave behind the worst car rental practices. In this article, we cover some of the methods that were used earlier and how you can avoid them. That said, these are also traits of non-professional and non-reliable companies. After reading this, hopefully, drivers make the right decision when choosing a car rental company.

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are one of the major concerns of motorists who seek to rent a car in Dubai. Most companies display a low price, leading customers to believe that they get to experience significant savings. As a new driver, you are probably not aware that having a credit card is a must. These agencies conveniently forget to mention it, therefore charging you with costlier insurance to waiver the deposit. We always believe that being clear and concise about the booking process and transactions allows our customers to trust us.

Unfair Charges for Damage

Unfair bill is the famous car rental horror story, where customers return the car with no damage, only to be told that they are being charged for a dent found on the vehicle. Now it could either be a genuine complaint, as it wasn’t noted earlier, or was perhaps noted incorrectly, thus leading to believe it’s new. The other option, however, is more malicious, a common trait of unscrupulous car rentals. They are well aware of the damage and still want to exploit the customer. To prevent this situation, it is best to note every damage, including the minor ones.

Deceptive Booking Process

An ambiguous booking process often causes customers trouble, as you are led to believe in receiving a good deal. There are several ways car rental companies can mislead customers, either by hiding valuable information or not adding it to the agreement. To avoid such malicious practices, we recommend either booking through a company that you trust or take your time and thoroughly read through the contract. If you are uncertain about any clause, make sure to clarify it beforehand.

The ‘Low Price’ Scheme

While we all love a good bargain, it is vital not to be easily enticed by these low prices. The reason being, usually, you would end up paying more than expected. Companies often use this technique to draw in more customers and are considered an excellent selling point. An example of this is a costlier insurance package; a customer books the cheapest car rental only to discover that the process will only be complete if the insurance package is purchased. It eventually turns out to be a complete rip-off for the customer. The ideal way of avoiding this situation is by confirming the price and asking beforehand about the terms and conditions applied. We, however, aim at keeping a transparent booking process.

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