The Complete Sharjah Itinerary

Located along the Persian Gulf’s northern coastline, Sharjah occupies a position of cultural and economic importance in the UAE. The city has a landscape of beautiful domes and towering minarets, with titles such as “Cultural Capital of the Arab World”

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Staycations In The UAE

While we finally seem to be seeing some light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel, we’re not all the way out of this worldwide emergency just yet. This means that in many cases traveling abroad is still difficult or

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Top Tips For Driving In The Rain In Dubai - Rent a Car In Dubai

Top Tips For Driving In The Rain In Dubai

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally there is rain in Dubai. And when that happens, it can be surprisingly heavy, causing a large amount of standing water on the roads and dangerous driving conditions. Most accidents occur on rain-soaked

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Choose comfort by renting a car in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal place for availing luxurious car rental solutions from a reputed company. There must be comfortable means of transportation and what better idea than to rent a car. Each person has their own specific travel needs, so they can

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