Best Apps To Use For A UAE Road Trip on Rental Car in Dubai. Waze, Makani, WiFi Finder, RTA Smart Drive etc.

Best Apps To Use For A UAE Road Trip on Rental Car

Heading off on a road trip through the UAE this summer? You’ve already hired the right car from Kohistan Car Rental in Dubaito make your trip and there are plenty of other little extras you can take along to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. This time we are reviewing the best apps for travel to UAE. From planning a route to finding the nearest Wi-Fi signal, these apps will help you improve your travel technology and get the most out of your trip.


Google Maps may be the go-to app for routes and journey planning, but having the recommendations of your fellow travelers can turn a mundane drive into a road trip full of adventure in Dubai. Waze is beneficial if your trip takes you to the center of town.

The app reportedly gives you the ability to “run like a local”, running on your phone thanks to numerous shortcuts and traffic updates. Allows drivers to update the database to notify other road users of delays caused by accidents, road works, or heavy traffic. Available for both iOS and Android (4.1 and up), it’s free to download.


Dubai is the first city in the world to use ‘Makani’ numbers, which are 10-digit numbers giving the exact location of a building. By working in the same way as GPS coordinates, Makani numbers eliminate the need to know the postcode or postcode of a building (which can often cover an entire block, not just one building).

This app makes it incredibly easy to get your “home” to Dubai just by entering the building’s house number. Once the app is downloaded and connected, it works offline, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. The voice-activated software allows you to search for places of interest and works in Arabic and English.

WiFi Finder

These days, we all want access to the internet wherever we go. While some maps will show you a choice of Wi-Fi hotspots, this smart Apple app has some extra steps to ensure that when you search for your Wi-Fi. the hotspot you can connect easily and quickly. Not only it does pinpoint Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world, but it’ll also verify them and speed-test them so you know exactly what you’re getting.

You can filter the map by location type, so you may find that your hotel has a good Wi-Fi connection before you get there, or find a restaurant. On way, you can check your emails while eating. Maps can also be used offline, making it a great app to add to any smartphone. You have to pay for this app, but if you want a free Wi-Fi app, that means you won’t lose your data allowance., this is the one to go for.

RTA Smart Drive

There are hundreds of onboard navigation options out there, and every time you rent a car with Kohistan rent a car, we’ll make sure you’ve got the option of in-car SatNav systems so you never take a wrong turn. However, this is best for the UAE if you want to keep a navigation app on your phone. The RTA Smart Drive is specifically designed for drivers travelling to Dubai and has the advantage that it does not require a mobile internet connection, so you can use it offline.

It offers you step-by-step voice commands along with a clear and easy-to-read visual map. It will also give you updates on road works, traffic and congestion issues, and can automatically redirect your trip to avoid delays. This is a brand-new app, so the maps are up-to-date and accurate.


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