Accessories to Improve Your Rented Car

It is a known fact that driving an own car in Dubai is a fascinating opportunity prominently enabled by various car rental portal at highly affordable prices. You can choose from a variety of car models of your preference for the time period you need. Although newer car models with advanced technologies and facilities may tempt you to switch on to more recent car models, your budgets may hold you back. However, various innovative car accessories available in the market can help you quickly revamp your existing cars.

Compact Vacuum Cleaner

These are portable vacuum devices available in wireless and wired types useful for sucking out dried and wet debris inside the car. Its sufficient power capacity enables cleaning up of dust and shredded tissues from every nook and corner. With compact and lightweight structure, you can easily clean areas below the seats and other untouched corners, further allowing you to keep the car in its original form.

Rear View Mirror Film

Driving amid foggy weather or rains are often troublesome as your mirror views are disrupted. Rearview mirror film stickers are made out of anti-fog, anti-glare, and waterproof material. It can safeguard your mirrors in any atmospheric condition and offer a clear vision of the rear side. They are low-cost alternatives available in square or circle shapes and can also be cut into the shape of your choice.

Back Seat and Trunk Organizer

Creating space to sit by clearing and organizing the backseat clutter is a difficult task. Hanging organizers can be a versatile space saver to keep all the things neatly and in place. They are available in a wide variety, including multi mesh pockets type. You can then separately organize your kids’ books, toys, gadgets, etc. on the backseat or broad trunk to keep the unused items neatly in the cargo space.

Tyre Inflator

Portable tyre inflators are handy equipment to quickly repair your car tyres in case of a sudden puncture. They are capable of refilling the tyres within few minutes to drive the vehicle for a small distance. It can be a real savior when you are stranded in an isolated area and have no way to reach a garage.

Inflatable Bed

Air beds can be a convenient way to convert your car backseat into a comfortable sleeping space without any hassle. You can pick from various air bed sizes available in the market compatible with your vehicle’s rear seat. They are fitted with cozy air pillows and come with an electric car air pump and a repair kit.

Mobile Holder

You often require your mobile phones’ assistance on your drive for navigation, and playing music in your rental car. Mobile holders are available in various types such as suction type, which can be installed on windscreens, magnetic and hook type that can be mounted on air vents and anti-slip mats to place on the car dashboard. They are highly flexible, with some offering 360-degree rotation and stronghold to conveniently place your phones in an accessible area.

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